I do love being delighted!

IMG_20150621_193521It is different from being happy, it is different that joy. It is delight and it is something I strive for! I want to help others find delight, and I definitely want to experience it myself whenever possible!

My mother is a person who experiences delight and the smile on her face is a driving force in my thoughts on creativity, on MY creativity. I always knew I was on to something when I was able to see that real genuine delighted smile to appear on my mom’s face because of something I did.  One year in school, maybe the fourth grade, I was tasked with creating a castle diorama. Construction paper and scissors flew and I had so much fun thinking about the necessary parts to a castle: rooms, tables, tiny arrow slits for windows, and of course there must be alligators in the moat. I remember my mom looking over the entire castle with moving drawbridge and racks of weapons; when she saw the alligators with opening jaws she was so delighted!

These fairy bombs were so delightful as we wandered past at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. I was taken by the colors as they were displayed, but I was drawn by the individuality of each bottle with their funny little necks and their glass stems.  These pieces were handspun by artist Glen Briginshaw for his company FIRE NIGHTS. While he was behind a protective shield making magic with glass, I spoke with one of his cohorts who described the FIRE NIGHTS experience…again, delightful!

So it is in the desire to experience more delight, to create more delight in this world, that I begin to create the word of The Wild Imaginarium!


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