One dame’s trip through the 2015 Boulder International Fringe Festival!

Look out Boulder, the Fringe is coming!
Look out Boulder, the Fringe is coming!

I will start by saying I had a pair of raspberry sequined Converse tennis shoes well before I was named Executive Producer for the Boulder Fringe. I found them about 5 years ago and I have worn them everywhere! They are perfect travel shoes which is great because I love travel and I love these shoes! I have worn these shoes everywhere and for every reason…they are well-loved, worn-in, and have informed more than one person what sorta dame I really am.

This year the Fringe invested in the color pink. Seriously! Specifically, the Fringe said YES to fuschia and shades of berry. So the shoes have made multiple appearances…and have in a way have become a sort of trademark that I am running around doin’ Fringe stuff. I wear them to work and then change into heels before I go on stage to host, or I change to boots at the booth when it is time for tech. But if ya see them, you know Fringe Biz is happening. And that is so cool!

The Fringe has been an important part of my life for the better part of a decade. As a non-profit the Fringe provides all kinds of support and opportunities for artists to promote create new and original works. The work is endless, the hours tough, and the role is pivotal, and so I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing organization. This year’s festival is going to be amazing as we span the globe and art forms in bringing 234 performances with 126 performance companies over 12 days in 9 venues. It has taken a lot of work, a lot of growth as a producer and as a person, and an abject fortune in highlighters and printer paper to make this lovely beast stand on her own two legs, and now she is almost ready to walk. It is gonna be so big, and fun and fabulous!

As we begin the last leg of the planning, prepping, building, and buying I am making some minor repairs to my  pank shoes: I cannot imagine spending this whole year building this festival in these shoes and then not being able to go to the Festival that we created in those shoes! So I must be patient while glue dries and clamps hold in place. It occurs to me that I have spent more on materials to fix these beauties than I did on the beauties to begin with! Worth every penny!

And if you have the chance to join in the wonderful magical wild and sublime Boulder International Fringe Festival find me and my shoes! I will also be sharing my 2015 Fringe Adventures on instagram, facebook, twitter, and tumblr with #myfringepankshoes!

Follow the adventure with #myfringepankshoes!


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