Nice work if you can get it!


Just sitting down to a cup of coffee at Seeds Library Cafe. Tucked inside the main brach of the Boulder Public Library this charming space actually straddles the Boulder Creek. I love this spot and always look forward to working with the library and her wonderful staff.

Today I am here with the Boulder Fringe to roar, and stomp, and find my inner monster with some young monsters ready to howl. The Boulder Fringe has been asked to participate in the Maurice Sendak: 50 Years; 50 Works; 50 Reasons celebration and I thought “Oh yeah! Gnash my terrible teeth!” So that is why I am here, drinking my latte at Seeds and excitedly preparing for this “Monster Project”.

When my mom was last in town, the week between the USAFF and CAFF conferences, we had a chance to come to the exhibit. I have always loved Maurice Sunday’s work; I learned to read using WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and once meticulously assembled the entire production of Mr. Sendak’s Nutcracker…so yeah, big nerding out moment! Tobias, my mom, and I wandered through the images, quotes, stills, and sketches giggling and deciding who our favorite monster was. It was so much fun to revisit childhood in such a delightful way with my mother and partner!

Showtime nears and I need to set up the space. Time to gnash my teeth!


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