Diana’s Daring: a Tiny Steampunk Top Hat fit for the Princess of the Amazons

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Diana was a raven haired beauty of noble presence. The day she arrived on the Airship Esmerelda, a dozen tongues began to wag. “Who was she?” “Where was she from?’ “What was she doing on board?” “Does Captain Caroline know about her?”

Diana was used to it; growing up as a princess made such situations commonplace, but she fervently wished to leave that all behind. She wanted to be a normal, ass-kicking, superhero member of Caroline’s Brave Battalion.

She’d made it this far, and she was only just getting started.

Red Satin and Gold Glitter Ribbons wrap around this Handmade Royal Blue Felt Hat and are accented by a Large White Silk Rose. Mixed Metal Clock Gears and Hands are assembled in a Maneuverable Focal Piece creating a Steampunk Theme for this Mini Top Hat. Crystals accentuate the entire piece, adding Sparkle and Flair.

Base contains a simple fixture for attaching to your coiffure with bobby pins.
Base: 4.5 inches, Height: 5 inches tall.

Diana is perfect for your fabulous costume, Wonder Woman or otherwise. Diana should be worn when a day is too serious, if a sense of Adventure is on the wind, …or for when the world needs saving!

Each of my hats is handmade and will contain a sort of wabi-sabi aesthetic, adding variety, depth, and character. Please feel free to message me for more pictures or information if you desire!

For more whimsical hats, or to commission your own, visit my shop at Wild Imaginarium.


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