Wild about Labyrinth: celebrating my childhood with the Boulder Fringe!


This is about why I create. It is also about why I am producing this event. But mostly, it is about how Jim Henson and David Bowie influenced me.

I can’t believe it is almost here, one of my favorite nights of the whole year! In less than one week, for one night only, Five 5ths of Labyrinth: A Fringe Benefit! will bring the Boulder community together. Artists, audience members, costume and cosplay enthusiasts, fans of Jim Henson and Muppet Studios, David Bowie worshipers, and those who bow at the alter of Spectacle herself will join together to celebrate 30 years of this wild film.

My family loved Jim Henson and all of his works. We reveled in creativity as children – the product of artist parents with wild and vast imaginations and a dedication to working to create strong and vibrant work. My brothers and I were exposed to creative work, ideas, and theories early. We also learned from our parents, and then later each other, as we struggled to make work in our individual voice. We are still watching this process as each of us working on creating our next thing.

But it was always art, especially an imaginative film, that brought us together and gave us something to talk about. A vocabulary that started with Labyrinth and Legos, Muppets and movies, and continues evolving to this day as we collaborate in different creative endeavors.

So yeah, my family is awesome!

When given the opportunity to create another Five 5ths event for the Boulder Fringe, I knew exactly what I wanted to produce! This year it would be Labyrinth and it would be AMAZING! I had begun work in November and I had some really delicious ideas to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a personal / family favorite. I had mourned for Mr Henson for such a long time, I felt that this would be a way to celebrate his creativity, his dedication to his vision, and his sense of wonder and delight that influences me to this day.

Then David Bowie died. Unexpectedly. Unfairly. Far too soon.

And I was heartbroken again. Another hero, another creator, another innovator that the world needs so much right now.

So now we must celebrate even more. For those who we miss, who showed us the way (or A way), who pushed us to create, or who taught us what work creativity is, or what delight can be – let’s celebrate them, and ourselves!

To independent creative delightful collaborations with those you respect!

To family and childhood and feeling like you were lucky today because you grew up in a creative, hysterical, loving home!

To Jim Henson and David Bowie and all those whose bravery, bold vision, and creative experimentation and innovation blaze a trail for all those to follow!

And to us, for forging ahead without our heroes!

Fortune Favors the Bold! Now get out there and be awesome!


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