I am a Producer.

I am a creative producer.

I work constantly to provide and secure opportunities for independent and original artists to create their art. I broker deals with venues, I write contracts, I evaluate conditions, I develop productions, I teach, I facilitate, I advocate, I determine needs and then fill them. I produce so that we – all of us – can have more art. 

#bebrave #bebold #befringe
The 2016 Boulder international Fringe Festival is coming!

This is why I produce for the Fringe. Specifically, I am the Executive Producer for the Boulder Fringe, and we produce shows, performances, and events year round and I helm the 12 days of madness that is the 2016 Boulder International Fringe Festival. It is wild, and weird, and awesome, and rewarding work – but it is A LOT of work.  

And right now I am in the everlovin’, mutha&*+%#@, thick of it. 

This is crunch time. Final schedules set in stone (or more precisely print), contracts reviewed, artists last minute questions/concerns/ problems, press releases, newsletters, facebook and twitter and instagram, and on and on and on. These are wild and crazy times, and I am tired, and stressed, and excited and worried and happy and completely unable to sleep like a normal human being.

Over the next month, I will welcome artists from all over the world to Boulder, Colorado. I will work day and night to help them fill their seats with local and visiting audiences, I will make new life long friends, some will blame me for anything that goes wonky. I will laugh (a lot). I will cry (a little). I will learn. I will grow.  And then I will say goodbye to the artists, the audiences, the staff, the volunteers, and the press.

I will have Fringed.

And that is awesome! 


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