supporting artists

…because it’s the right thing to do.

The Wild Imaginarium support independent artists during Boulder Arts Week.png
Wild Imaginarium offers Boulder Arts Week support for emerging artists!

Boulder Arts Week is coming!

“Boulder Arts Week is Boulder’s only large-scale, inclusive celebration of our community’s vibrant arts and cultural offerings. This citywide event highlights Boulder’s distinguished arts and cultural programming and includes art walks, First Friday, exhibitions, performances, dance, music, theatre, artist demonstrations, lectures, readings, workshops, and symposia.” – Boulder Arts Week website

And what it can be is an incredible mix of what makes a vibrant arts and culture scene – brilliant work from established and new artists! I am looking forward to beautiful storytellers, unique performances, new and original work, puppetry, dance, movement, spoken word, stellar buskers, live music, performances punk, or Shakespeare, or modern, or classical…I am looking forward to it all!

So in support, I am offering discounted rates on services for Boulder Arts Week participating artists and companies. My services and basic rates can be found here – take a look and reach out! Artists, please let me know what sort of support you need and we will collaborate to create a plan. (Availability is limited, so please reach out sooner rather than later!)

Because art is important. Especially now.


And we should support artists every day.

Because, especialy now, it’s the right thing to do.


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