the Airship Esmerelda makes landfall…


The Airship Esmerelda flies in defense of HRM Elizabeth II – the White Queen. Captained by Morgaine Stirling, the Airship Esmerelda is the jewel in the White Queen’s Air Force. Captain Stirling is now gathering her crew, righteous dames from all over the world each with a story to tell… 

Meet Ellie Bailey, Scheherazade, and Constance Mathers – three members of the crew with a special set of skills. Bailee, the Esmerelda’s pilot hides a keen intellect behind those twinkling eyes.  Scheherazade enjoys a good laugh and a great wine. And lovely Constance searches for her husband’s murderer as she travels the globe.

For more stories about Captain Stirling’s Brave Battalion or to find your favorite crew member, visit the Wild Imaginarium on Etsy, and follow the Wild Imaginarium on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Fortune Favors the Bold!


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