World Fringe Day!

It is finally here! World Fringe Day is here! What is Fringe – read more here. What is World Fringe Day? Well, let me tell ya what it is to me!

World Fringe Day was created for many reasons, to strengthen community awareness, to connect and engage with member Fringe festival around the world, to show how united and powerful the Fringe movement and more righteous reasons. It is however the power of “fringers” – including artists, patrons, businesses, sponsors, and fringe producers – coming together to celebrate our shared love of the magic, the strength, the horror, the joy, the madness, the absolute power of FRINGE that means the most to me!

For those who fringe, well done!

Much could be, and should be, said about the necessity of Fringe and the impact and value that Fringes add to the cities and people have access to Fringe programs – but this ain’t that. (For more, read Holly Payton-Lombardo’s 70 Years of Fringe Festivals on HowlRound.) Or better yet, find Fringes near you (they are world-wide, so no excuses) and get fringey babies! Find art, and love, and hope, and magic and show us your fringe!

To all those who fringe – artists, patrons, and cities who celebrate their fringe – you are magnificent! Well done, the lot of ya! 

And to those that produce fringes, you are a special breed my friends! You deserve accolades, parades, and epic poems to laud your heroic efforts… instead, you will have to settle for my unending, never-fading, love and respect! 

But it is your my darlings, for now and forever!




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