goodnight Jasper, goodnight House of Gold

square product theatre presents House of Gold by Gregory Moss

Tonight we wrap this gorgeous beast, and I must say that it is a bittersweet feeling.

House of Gold has been a wonderful, and deeply challenging, experience. As with every show I am both relieved and saddened knowing tonight we say goodnight to this production.

I thank the members of square product theatre for the opportunity to play in their sandbox. I thank my fellow cast and crew members for creating such a fabulous sandbox to play in.

And I thank every patron who took a risk and actually engaged with this show. It is important to reward bravery, and truth is a brave reality.

This type of work is difficult, but the rewards are glorious.

Come see the show tonight, this is the last chance to see what we made for you!

Now I gotta go tape these puppies down and paint on some freckles! One more night with Richad Pryor and Ed Sheerhan and Kyle Broflovski and Muhammad Ali.

One more Snickers with Jonbenet…

One more night in this House of Gold.


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