Costume Season is here!

It’s October 1st, the official beginning of costume season. As a costume creator I am so excited to play this year! It is always fun to run amok with ideas, and fabrics, and shapes, and materials, and feather, and faux fur, and of course lots and lots of jewelry bits and baubles.

Costume season doesn’t end on Halloween! People want to dress up and feel magical through the holidays, and I am generally workingon projects until New Year’s Eve. I have had the fortune of collaborating on Halloween and pagan celebration costumes, winter and New Year’s  costumes and accessories, and on one fateful winter’s eve I was given the opportunity to create some goat pants for a Krampus costume.

Wild Imaginarium on costum fun (Sanderson Sisters) - 2017

I encourage everyone to find a place for costumes and fancy dress in their lives. Find the costume (or cosplay) that makes you feel EXACTLY as YOU want – strong, or magical, sexy, or adventurous. Maybe its just a saucy little top hat, or maybe a full suit of armor – whatever it is own it!

If you are interested in collaborating on your costume or cosplay creations, I hope that you will contact me at I would love to help you create your next costume or cosplay creation. 

But most of all, I hope you find, or create, a character that brings you joy!

AND makes you feel AWESOME!


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