a little new moon magic to nurture the creative fire

January 16th brought a lovely new moon and I needed to harness that energy. I had spent most of 2017 in a bit of a haze – in retrospect it was like swimming through each day: I felt exhausted all year, just trying to keep up. When I am exhausted the first thing I let go is self-care and that is TERRIBLE! I lose momentum, I lose focus, and if I am not attentive I lose ideas and opportunities.

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”

― Cormac McCarthyThe Road

I decided enough! I gathered my most used tools on a tray, smudged the crap outta everything  and evereywhere in my house and studio, and then cast a little space and created a little ritual for stoking the creative fire inside myself by nurturing my own well-being.

nurturing the creative light
new moon magic 2018 –   wildimaginarium.com

I drew my cards from Stephanie Pau-Mun Law and Barbara Moore’s Shadowscapes Tarot, I love this deck and feel drawn to use it for all my personal readings. I found the gorgeous amethyst crystal at Phenomenal Gems, my favorite place to find “shinies” and specimens. I found the wand at a gem and mineral show a few years ago, and never having used it, I broke it out of the (rather ramshackle) packaging.  The larimar is for a dedication and I am excited to wear it as a pendant in the coming months!

But the most important thing I did that night is reminded myself that I am worth it. My goals and dreams are important and valid. I am gonna make shit happen.

Just gotta get to it, gotta keep that fire burning!

and drink more water…



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