sometimes and rarely

Sometimes you have the opportunity to collaborate on a new, and timely, artistic project.

Sometimes during the process you provide a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to bend, or a pair of scissors, or some know-how, or even some elbow grease.

Sometimes you get to work on a world-premiere production with a talented team driven by a remarkable, entirely creative, human.

However, very rarely do you get to make a pair of green, leopard-print, “snakeskin” pants! You read that correctly “green, leopard-print, “snakeskin” pants”, and that sentence should change your whole life…

Now I cannot / will not show these green, leopard-print, “snakeskin” pants until they have gone through the fitting process with the actor and have approval from the director, but if you want to engage with this necessary work AND if you want to witness the glory that is the GREEN, LEOPARD-SKIN, “SNAKESKIN” PANTS check out the Trans/Actions facebook event page or visit the Theatre Made in Boulder page for information and ticket links!

I will do my best to get some photos of the show and share them immediately, because:

I love what I do!




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