mornings are hard work around here.

just thinking about it makes me tired.

seriously. it’s a little nuts!

my toddler never “toddled” – just started running.

no joke, this kid stood up, took a few first steps, and then took off – ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnniiiiinnnnnnggggg. still running.

all the freaking time.

all morning.

all afternoon. and then at night…

you guessed it,

this kiddo is RUNNING.

I’ll catch ’em one of these days…

coffee is my morning buddy.

my constant.

my good time gal.

this GINORMOUS mug was gift from my mom. and this sturdy beauty lets me have warm, delicious, necessary, coffee.

she also reminds me that I am gorgeous. which is true.

(but I sometimes need reminding.)

so thanks mom.

it’s like you knew.

(and you’re gorgeous too!)

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One comment

  1. I wouldn’t expect anything different from a child of yours – you wonderful, crazy, here I am world woman! Just keep your arms open and she’ll run into them once in a while. 😉 Happy holidays and all the days after. Kudos to your smart and sensitive (gorgeous) mom too!
    xo -Mary

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