I have had a difficult time engaging with anything this week, there has been so much to process and to manage. I did not know where to begin and when I did watch the news and read conversations on social media, I grew overwhelmed quite quickly.

And disheartened.

So rather than try to convince anyone that this (most recent!) tragedy in Uvalde, Texas was avoidable or should be the last event that activates us all to lasting meaningful change – instead, I will ask for compassion.

  • Compassion for those families who will never hold their babies again, or share their hopes and dreams with their mothers.
  • Compassion for the students across America that feel protest is their best option to share their fears, and experiences, with the world.
  • Compassion for the students too young to protest, or thoroughly process, but hold that fear in their young little bodies.
  • Compassion for teachers and educators and school administrators that fear for their lives every day, and feel for the two women who gave their lives to protect their students.
  • Compassion for the parents of children everywhere who must manage their trauma and support their children no matter what their age in managing their trauma.
  • Compassion for all those who feel this trauma deeply and irrevocably.

This is about empathy.
And kindness.
And common sense.

And holding the lives of everyone, EVERY ONE, as dear and worthy of respect, dignity, love, and especially COMPASSION.

Be safe. Hold your loved ones close.

And vote with compassion for your entire community, for your entire country, for the entire world, in all elections.


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