brigit’s baubles: steampunk delights for the daring dame

After a fortnight on the road, Brigit had finally made it London. She was to report to the Palace to gain audience with Her Majesty, The White Queen Elizabeth.
But at this moment she wanted to find her room, unload the kegs of her finest Irish Ale, and take a luxurious bath.
As she soaked her road-weary muscles in the steaming hot water, she planned what she would wear…
Where had she put those earrings?

Dangling a daring 4″ long at 1″ wide these mixed metal steampunk earrings are adorned with sparkling clear crystals and have an astounding amount of swing and movement.

Brigit’s Baubles are perfect for that big night out, or big night in, or even for your own audience with the Queen…

For more charming steampunk accessories, or for information on commissioning your very own “something special”, visit my shop Wild Imaginarium on Etsy.


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