twila’s voodoo heart: a mini top hat with a lot of sass

Twila had lived in the Marigny her entire life. Her family had lived there as long as there were people in these parts, and they would live there long after most people may had left.
Twila was was beautiful girl, and she had a voice on her. Grandpere said she could entice the bluebirds outta the sky and the crawfish into the pot with her voice.
Tonight, she sang while she stirred the cauldron…love potions always got stronger with singin’.

A handmade Voodoo Doll with hand embroidered heart sits atop this black felt hat with a swirl pattern imprinted upon it. Royal purple satin ribbon, royal purple feathers, silk antique purple hydrangeas, and little purple bells finish off this exquisite one of a kind little beauty.
Base contains a simple fixture for attaching to your coiffure with bobby pins.
Base: 4.5 inches, Height: 5 inches tall.

Twila is perfect for your fabulous costume, or for creating your own potions in the kitchen.

Check out Twila’s sister marie’s voodoo heart: a mini top hat with a lot of soul

Each of my hats is handmade and will contain a sort of wabi-sabi aesthetic, adding variety, depth, and character. Please feel free to message me for more pictures or information if you desire!

For more whimsical hats, or to commission your own, visit my shop at Wild Imaginarium.



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