dorothy’s delights

Ruby Slippers…with a little room for Wicked!il_340x270.737369237_nlol

Dorothy had escaped Kansas via tornado, picked up three strangers, discovered a vast poppy field, met one coward and killed two witches.
It was all good…as long as she got to keep the shoes!

These upcycled size 8.5 Steve Madden (leather / kitten heel) have been thoroughly cleaned, resurfaced and painted to bring out the inner Dorothy in you! The cute rounded toe makes them very chic for all your special occasions, but the red glitter will take all of the focus. Look carefully and you will find a black and white striped detail…to remind you that it is always a little room to be wicked!

Available on my Etsy shop at Dorothy’s Delights ($60.00).

Please contact me to discuss designing a custom pair of shoes! I would love to create special shoes for all of your special occasions!



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