Happy Accident: Tobias’ Cosmic Kicks!

I created these for a special someone. If I am honest with myself, and with you folks, I actually created these shoes because I can very, very close to destroying them!

Handpainted by Wild Imaginarium
Handpainted by Wild Imaginarium

I had only the best intentions! I wanted to clean up my sweetie’s shoes before he went on a visit home to New Orleans. I got some cleaner, a damp cloth, and went to task cleaning the rubber of some scuffs and mud. I sprayed them down, put them on the patio, and went about cleaning up the kitchen. After about 10 mins I went outside, and grabbed the shoes and that is when I smelled it…I grabbed the cleaner and checked the bottle: bleach! There was bleach in this cleaner. The black canvas of his favorite tennis shoes was turning an unattractive orange! I dunked them in water to hopefully stop the bleach from spreading and eating through the material.

To his credit, Tobias did not get mad. He just walked past me and his shoes and went to his desk. I approached him with my idea: I would paint his shoes. “What are ya thinkin?” he asked. “Space. Galaxies. Nebula…I don’t know yet. The important thing is that I cannot really mess them up more than I have.” He agreed and I started gathering images, paints, and brushes. I left the shoes out to dry and looked for tips on Pinterest.

2 days later, I sat at my brother’s dining room table, had a little whiskey, and started painting. My brother Aaron’s band Gang Forward is perfect to listen to while you are doing something creative…especially if that endeavor involves space! I must admit, I am always a little nervous to get started because the fear is that I will muck it up straight out the gate. But, as stated, they were pretty much ruined. So while my bro’s band rehearsed in the studio  I listened, and painted, and drank some more whiskey…in the end I was thrilled with the end product. And Tobias was too!

I was so stoked, I had taken an accident and made it better than the original! I had made something that reflected Tobias, and myself, and our shared love of the cosmic known and unknown.

Now, I want to find out what size shoes Neil DeGrasse Tyson wears…


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