Boulder Fringe Adventurer’s League

I am very excited to merge 3 of my favorite things into one fabulous project;
the Adventurer’s League is just that!

Boulder Fringe Adventurer's League (3)

The Adventurer’s League is an eight part program guiding kids through experiencing the literature, art, costume, and customs of the seven continents!
We will create an experiential and performance based learning program based on the children’s tales and folklore from each continent. With each 1 1/2 hour program participating children will learn through doing the culture (music, dance, customs, costume, etc.) of the peoples represented in the stories.
The day will culminate in a short performance based event allowing the participants to demonstrate what they have created based on what they have learned.!

Tickets are FREE for adventurers ages 7 – 10 (grades 3rd -5th) and their parents or guardians!

Tickets available at on Eventbrite, information available on Facebook.

Generously sponsored by Boulder Library Foundation!

Special thanks to the Boulder Public Library, Scientific & Cultural Facilities District , Boulder Office of Arts + Culture, Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, Colorado Creative Industries, and the Boulder County Arts Alliance!

We thank you for your support of brave, bold, independent ART!

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