Lilith’s Liberation: A Halloween Crown Of Beautiful Darkness, And Surprising Light

Lilith drew her cloak about her shoulders and gazed at her reflection in the polished silver mirror. She didn’t need to look, she knew that she was breathtaking at full power. The bell rang and just before she took leave of her accommodations, she prepared for her most important accessory. She sat upon her cushioned stool and awaited her handmaidens as they placed it reverentially upon her head. She smiled faintly as the memories, and magics, of powerful queens before her swirled around her tall form. She stood gracefully, bowed her head in respect, and then moved through the doorway. She was ready to rule.

And rule she would.




This beautiful headdress sits upon a velvet headband. Individual silk blossoms in sumptuous purples, daring reds, and deep pink tones are accentuated by dark green, black, and copper leaves. Multi-toned fine crystals are affixed, by hand, onto many of the petals and leaves. Lush peacock and deep green-black rooster feathers add movement and drama, as do the hidden glitter-encrusted skull, bejeweled spiders (3), and the deep, black, glittered pumpkins (3). Two light-weight, resin antlers rise from the abundant headdress to add extra height and magic to this magnificent crown.

Measuring 20 inches/50.8 cm at the widest (including extra-long feathers) and 18 inches/28 cm at the tallest (including headband base), this is definitely a one-of-a-kind statement piece – perfect for your most fabulous costume or your greatest magic, any time you want to remember your power!

* Each of my headdresses/crowns is handmade and will contain a sort of wabi-sabi aesthetic – adding variety, depth, and character. Please feel free to message me for more pictures or information if you desire!

* Please note that colors may appear differently on different screens due to monitors and settings.

* Please contact me about matching colors or special requests, I would love to make something just for you!

For more charming accessories, or for info on commissioning something special, visit my shop at .

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Fortune Favors the Bold!

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