righteous dames

In response to the deplorable treatment of Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor on Tuesday, January 7th, 2017, I have begun creating #shepersisted images with some historical content based on righteous dames from history. We need to be reminded that we must take our place in history.

In opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Donald Trump’s attorney general, Sen. Warren read from a letter from Coretta Scott King opposing the nomination of Sessions for federal judgeship.  As Sessions is now a senator from Alabama, Republicans cried foul – citing rules agains impugning another senator – and silenced Sen. Warren.


“She was warned. She was given and explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”


“Consider this MY warning: We wont be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist”.

And with that, the women’s movement gained a new mantra.

Reflecting on this mantra, I want to remind everyone that righteous dames throughout history have written their own story, and have persisted to create real history and change. I will attempt to gather stories and images of these persistent women here at wildimaginarium.com as part ot the Righteous Dames series. These women changed the world not only for themselves, but for their communities, as they resisted the powers that be.

These dames are RIGHTEOUS!

Have your own idea for a righteous dame to represent? Want to submit your own righteous dame story? Contact the Wild Imaginarium at: