the diana project

The Diana Project is a space to explore and celebrate the myth and power of Wonder Woman through art and and artists of diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

The Diana Project is an exploration of the Wonder Woman myth:

Who is she? What are her abilities? How did she come to be? What makes her an icon?

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This is where I will document the project…as other daring adventurers join the project I will create a space here for the work that we create while exploring the one and only Wonder Woman!

Are you an artist that is interested in the creating an original work based on Diana of Themyscira? Please reach out, I would love to collaborate with you or share your existing piece of art. I am searching for stories, photos, paintings,  dance pieces, performance pieces, or art work that defies genres but is powerful, with a clear mission, and a sense of wonder.

Contact me here, or through the diana project on facebook, twitter, or instagram – whichever is easier for you!

I can’t wait to collaborate with you!