I have rarely shared my mum life here, but sometimes it must leak through. And let’s face it, it feels good to laugh at all the circumstances.

[Video description: a small blond toddler in mismatched pajamas sits cross-legged on a coffee table surrounded by toys and books and breakfast. When their mum discovers them, they remain unfazed and even manage to spit out an ice cube straight into mum’s coffee.]
This is what my day looks like when I want it to, and when I don't.

Deadlines and projects now have a hurdle that is just part of the planning.

Is this kid bad? No.
Naughty? No.
Exploring? Yes.
Attention seeking? Yes.
Adorable? Well yeah!
This kid makes so many thing more difficult – and everything better.

Would I change any of this?

Yes: I would like to drink my coffee without ice that a toddler has spit into it.


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